Prep for your Family Photoshoot

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If your family is like mine, then I understand why the idea of wrangling your family together to appear at least halfway decent is a huge feat in itself. Honestly, if I make it to the photoshoot with my little crew in a happy mood, I give myself major bonus points.

So how do I manage getting my little ones, my hubby, and myself motivated and ready for an upcoming family photoshoot? Well I still don’t have the magic answer, but I do have some tips to ease the process for mamas.



It’s very likely that your family life shifts like the weather each season in Chicago, so think about where you want to show off your family dynamic.

  • Do you want to show how your family loves to explore the city when your littles ones are on summer vacation? Then maybe use Chicago’s gorgeous architecture as a backdrop.

  • Do you want to focus on your natural family vibe? Having the photoshoot at home can lessen the stress of traveling around and capture you inside your family’s safe space.

  • Do you care more about the overall look of your family? Start by deciding whether you want to go with a more casual, trendy, or formal look.

Whether you prioritize a location or a ‘look’, it helps the rest of your family session planning details fall easily into place!



Or in other words… EMBRACE THE CHAOS.

Do not be embarrassed or apologize for your family. Remember, kids don’t come equipped with manuals.

When they aren’t feeling great in the middle of the shoot do not stress, photographers often have a few tricks up my sleeve to guarantee a successful photoshoot.

Kids are the lovely unpredictable factor in our lives. From personal experience, it is always easier to roll with the punches than force a planned idea. Plus, this often leads to unexpected photos that you will cherish.



Do not feel the need to make every decision. If your expectations are high, you should consider outsourcing for help.

For example, the amount of new clothing trends is never ending and the coordination between multiple people can be overwhelming alone. Reach out to the photographer and get their opinion about what outfits will photograph well. Pick out your faves and we can help narrow it down.

If you feel clueless when it comes to styling hair and makeup (or want to build in a little mama self-care) trust a pro! Beginning the day with a little self-love always helps lessen the stress. If you need some good suggestions, I have a short list of my favorite on-location make-up artists in Chicago. They’re talented, efficient, and help you achieve the style you want without all the experimental trouble and fuss.

In general, it’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute and experiment with a new look on the day of your photo shoot. You want to feel CONFIDENT and the beauty of this will show in your final gallery!


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