A Gender Reveal

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A Pregnancy Photoshoot Idea

Casey of DIY Playbook recently shared their adorable gender reveal via our recent photo shoot together on her blog.


Whether you want to share your journey with the whole world or keep it more private, finding out the gender of your baby is such an exciting moment of your pregnancy. Don’t let viral Facebook videos detour you from this announcement; there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep the reveal simple and intimate, or planning a whole event around it to share with your loved ones.

When these clients reached out to me, I was so happy to be a part of the big moment. They kept it small with just the two of them, and I love how they used their session to savor this moment forever.

If you look into the DIY Playbook, you can see how they are no strangers to home renovation projects. For their gender reveal, they decided on incorporating their other passions in an adorable fashion.

Will it be the pink paint or blue paint??




it’s a girl!

Even though we knew the gender going into the photoshoot, the moment captured was still memorable and a fun way to share the baby’s gender. Sometimes planning a party can be daunting and with pregnancy you do NOT need anymore stress.

A simple photo story builds the suspense just like a live reveal but it also keeps the feeling light and stress-free. Plus, this will be a fun memory to look back on when your little one is all grown up.

So now, where do you begin with your own gender reveal?

These are my tips I have found helpful over the years:

  1. Decide how public you want it to be

    Do you have a large following on social media? Do you want to be the only ones who know? Is this to share with friends and family?

  2. Use your fav hobbies as inspo

    The options for a gender reveal are endless. Try to stick to simple ideas. The more intricate or large the reveal is doesn’t always mean you will get a better photo. Something simple like two paint colors photographs great and keeps the focus on your family’s emotions in the moment.

  3. Brainstorm with a photographer

    If you are unsure about your wardrobe or the reveal itself bounce your ideas off an expert. I like collaborating before a shoot so I can let you know what photographs well, as well as getting to know the feeling you want to capture.

  4. Have fun!

    Your pregnancy will be over before you know it. Make sure to soak in and enjoy all the moments before your little one hits the ground running!