Creating a Statement Wall

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Turning a wall from common to chic.

This past weekend we adventured into the land of DIY Projects. The front room of our home is the first all you see upon entrance and it was begging for some TLC. Well, at least that was the excuse to give this simple upgrade that I have had my eyes on a go.

One night I was lost in Pinterest and discovered Batton and Board walls. I immediately fell in love with the idea and contacted our good friend, Joe, to help me bring the idea to life. After perusing different ideas, we decided on a sleek design that would feature 2” poplar wood planks aligning to make the most satisfying grid statement wall.


Step One: prepare the space before the day of renovation.

By rolling up the area rugs and clearing the furniture the night before you avoid all the last minute stress and can enjoy the project. Plus, if you have any little ones like me, you never know what roadblock will pop up last minute.



STEP TWO- installation of the wall.

My friend Joe came by in the morning and started mapping out where the poplar planks were going to go on the wall. Before I knew it they were nailing the vertical planks into place and the horizontal planks shortly followed.

Luckily, while this was going on I got the opportunity to learn more about the choices behind my statement wall. They chose to use poplar wood for the design because it is easy to paint and does not show the grain of the wood. Since I wanted to paint the grid the same color as my wall this ensured the paint a smooth finish .



STEP THREE- apply wood filler to any unwanted divots.

I noticed that once the paint was starting to go on the planks there were small holes where the nails where the plank attached to the wall. To fix this I headed over to Home Depot and bought wood filler, a putty knife, and 120 grit sandpaper.

This step was a little tedious, but made a huge difference in the end. You basically put a small amount of filler on your putty knife and swipe it over the existing hole. It doesn’t have to lay perfect flat over the area because you and over the filler once it dries. When sanding just make sure to sand until you achieve a flat surface.


STEP FOUR- paint the planks!

I choose to paint the poplar planks the same color as my existing dry wall, but you can pick which ever color you want. (TIP: by painting the planks the same color as your wall it will make the space appear larger. Plus it is easier to paint! )



STEP FIVE: enjoy your new statement wall.

Once the paint dries and you bring the furniture back in the room don’t forget to put your feet up, maybe grab a glass of rosé, and enjoy your hard work.

Overall, I am so happy with this project! It really enlarged the feeling of my front room and added such an elegant vibe to the space. It is now one of my favorite spaces to look at. If you are like me and love to change up your home with unique upgrades, a statement wall is the way to go.



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