5 Sleep Tips For Your Baby | Chicago Newborn Photographer

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You know how the saying goes, “sleeping like a baby” right?! Well, what if that is not actually the case for your little one? Or what if you’re about to welcome your new baby into this world? Maybe you’re just looking for guidance since bringing your baby home. You’re in the right place! Today, I’m sharing 5 sleep tips for your baby! 

As a mama myself, and someone who spends tons of time around those precious babies of yours, I’ve learned a thing or two about babies and their sleep. And as always, I’m not a medical professional or baby sleep expert, so if you have any true concerns regarding your baby’s health or sleep, it is always best to consult your medical team.

First thing to remember before reading any further – it is absolutely normal for your newborn to not be on a schedule! Every baby is different. Even if this is your second or fifth, I can almost guarantee each experience will be entirely different. And that’s okay! You are still doing an absolutely amazing job at raising your tiny humans! 

So after spending all the time with all the precious babies I get the honor of photographing here are my 5 sleep tips for your baby! 

  1. White Noise

This is a GAME CHANGER! There are so many incredible white noise machines, or Spotify playlists for this. Your baby has been so used to all the incredible noises in the womb, this is the perfect way to recreate that safe space for them. 

  1. Using Light

As a photographer, this is one of my favorite tips! Take advantage of that daytime light! When it’s daytime, open up your windows and let some of that fresh air in. Or take a small walk outside! Get that sunshine on you and baby. As your day starts to wind down, keep the light low to start signaling night time. 

  1. Swaddling

This is another FANTASTIC way to recreate the womb environment for your sweet baby! Keeps your baby warm, can help reduce the startle reflex, and helps to promote safely laying your baby down on their back. There are TONS of swaddle options, so I recommend trying a few different ones and seeing which one works best for your and your family!

  1. Sleepy Cues

Looking out for your newborns’ sleepy cues can be such a great way to learn when they’re getting tired! Things like red and raised eyebrows, pulling at their hair or ears, and yawning are all good indications your little one is getting sleepy

  1. Safe Sleep Practices

Last but certainly not least, the most important sleep tip for your baby is practicing safe sleep practices. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes these as ways to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant deaths:

  • Place infant on their back for sleep
  • Use a firm mattress for baby to sleep such as a crib or bassinet
  • Keep their sleep space free of blankets, loose pillows, stuffed toys and bumpers
  • Avoid smoking
  • Breastfeed (if possible – but know that I absolutely believe that FED IS BEST! Whatever works best for you and your family, I wholeheartedly support!)

I know how difficult sleep, or lack of it, can be. So, I hope these 5 sleep tips for your baby will serve you well as you enter the amazing journey of parenthood. And remember, you are doing a GREAT job. You are such incredible parents, you are so worthy, you are valued and appreciated, and you will get through this season! It can be difficult, but I promise, they will eventually sleep. 

If you are welcoming your little one home soon and looking for a Chicago newborn photographer, or looking to document your pregnancy, let’s chat! I would love to be able to document these special moments for you!