Chicago family welcomes baby boy | Prentice women’s hospital fresh 48 session

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You guys. There must’ve been some something in the Chicago water nine months ago because it’s BABY SEASON!! Ladies, prepare your ovaries…

Remember this amazing maternity session with this gorgeous pregnant mama?? Welllll, she had her handsome baby boy, and he is just SO. STINKING. CUTE!!! I must admit, that newborn smell, their suuuper soft newborn hair… it’s pretty intoxicating.  Let me go off on a quick tangent here and tell you that it’s technically SCIENCE (this inter-web article said so). The smell of newborns trigger dopamine release in the reward pathways of the brain. Just sayin’. And man! I loooooooove me some cute little baby burritos! And this one is no exception.

Check out some of my favorite from our recent hospital newborn session together. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and I need to mention HOW ADORABLE it was to witness this new daddy’s proud swaddling swagger. He was so excited to show off his new skill! #babyburrito #nailedit

Step number one. Give baby a kiss. 🙂 

(Mommy had to steal one too.)

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