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Ohmigoodness, I don’t even know where to start. This sweet little boy, I’ve been photographing him since he’s been in his mama’s womb (See the proof here.)! I love this kid so much + his whole family. (Hiiiiii Brandon & Rachel!!!!!!!) His daddy + my husband grew up together back in Beavercreek, Ohio and went to college together at Miami. And then after med school, he found this AMAZING wife, and now I feel privileged to call her one of my close girlfriends. There aren’t too many people in life that you can comfortably live together with. At the time, it included a toddler, newborn, me and the husband, AND my mother (And we did just that last summer, before the construction on our house was complete). So let’s just say that they have a heart of gold and are really, really nice people. 

So when this little man turned two, my dear friend wanted to capture her son in a birthday milestone session as authentically as possible. Which is what I LOVE to do! He’s super active at this stage, into exploring, running, obsessed with his trucks, nature, and ‘fixing’ things with his play set of tools just like his daddy. We saw so many animals at this location too- several deer, ducks, birds, and a cute little FROG! This kid was in heaven. My favorite images are the ones that show mama + son’s strong bond together. They just melt my heart!

P.S. Man, I thought I was busy, but this toddler stage is BUSY! And also explains why this mama has naturally killer arms from keeping up with her active little son. Let’s just say it was a particularly humid day, and I sweated off a few #s… 😉

We went a quick side route to discover a little frog! The things you do you for your kids… 

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