A Growing Family.

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Meet my sweet nieces and nephew, the Hensley Family- who just expanded from a family of 5 to 6! 🙂

It was so, so cute to see these proud big siblings begging for a turn to hold their new little sister Cassandra. Just precious!

FYI, Paige (pictured second from left) told me that this was her favorite picture that I took this session. Warms my heart knowing that these kiddos had a blast! 🙂

Aaaand, I can’t believe how very, very still these kiddos stayed for me to grab this shot! {Disclaimer: Mom was on standby, just out of the frame, juuuust in case.}

This session was taken in their home and nearby park in St. Johns, FL (near Jacksonville). 

I had a blast visiting them and meeting my newest niece, even if it was for just a couple days. 

I miss them already. 🙂 


Here’s some of Cassie’s close-up session. I wanted to give her mommy some posed newborn images since they’re great for sending out birth announcements! 

Cassie + her mama’s vintage teddy bear. 

Meet the rest of the family, including mom + dad!