Twenty baby toes | chicago boy girl twin newborn photographer

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Okay, talk about hitting the jackpot!!

Double the fun, double the joy, and double the love for these awesome first-time parents. 🙂

And I don’t know what it is about babies + doggies, but I just loooove the combo! And who knew Mr. Stanley the cocker spaniel was so photogenic and handsome?!  (We may or may not have had to give him an extra treat or two to stay focused… but what a cooperative model he was!)

My heart is seriously so happy for these friends of mine. To have children is such a wonderful blessing, and I’m so glad these two are parents.

Let me just say they really impressed me when I came to photograph this session. Mom was so well put together, AND so, so calm!! Especially for being a NEW mama of TWINS! And dad was no less impressive- he’s one of the most nurturing and attentive husbands/dads I’ve ever come across. These kids are really, really lucky. 

Stanley, proud big dog brother to his little siblings, Nora + Evan. 🙂 

This photo is one of my FAAAAVES! And it’s so indicative of their little personalities. Little Evan, on the left, is so chill and contemplative. Nora, on the right, is bigger than her brother and more vocal. Love it! Girl’s gotta be heard, right? 

And look how LITTLE they are in their crib… soooo tiny. They really do grow so, so fast… (my two year old is transitioning into her big girl bed really soon. Oh boy.)

Such a STUNNING mama. And you can hardly tell she just birthed two babies. No big deal. She makes this parenting thing look so easy… 😉

{P.S. Check out the super cute bookcase she decorated behind her. Her hubby painted the interior, and she added those cute gold dot decals throughout. Love!!}

Such an adorable and beautiful Chicago family! 

I had such a blast capturing these first few moments as new parents for this gorgeous Chicago family. I can’t wait to see those two cute nuggets grow! 

<3 Jenny