Meet the littlest McGee.

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This is Wyatt.

Can you believe those big, beautiful handsome blue eyes?!! And those looong lashes?! I’m so envious… !

Mister Wyatt McGee has given his parents a whole new meaning of ‘attitude of gratitude.’  

You see, his mama Angela had complications with his pregnancy early on, at just 15-16 weeks. She suffered from a sub-chorionic hematoma, which led to almost complete drainage of her amniotic fluid for baby Wyatt. Without this precious fluid at this crucial developmental gestational period, it would mean that his lungs wouldn’t be able to fully develop. With under-developed lungs, they didn’t think he would be able to breathe on his own. Thus, doctors advised the McGee family to terminate the pregnancy at 19 weeks.   

…and THANK GOD they didn’t!! Right before they had to make any decisions, they heard this little guy’s heartbeat and it was strong. It gave them the strength and confidence to commit to keeping him healthy and doing all that they can to give him a fighting chance to survive. 

The McGee Family | Jenny Grimm Photography

So as the McGee’s put it, 2014 has been an amazing year for them. It started off with some scary news about a little boy they had never met. And as the year went on, they welcomed their son into the world, not knowing how things would shake out. But over the last 9 months of the year, their family watched as their 2 lb, 3 oz miracle learned to breathe just well enough to live and slowly get bigger and stronger. He began to breathe with less help from all of the amazing machines, which helped him so much during those first few months. Luckily with a wonderful support system, they didn’t feel as alone during Wyatt’s struggles and made it much easier to overcome such a lengthy stay in the NICU.  

Cheers to you, Wyatt McGee!! 🙂 

Jenny Grimm is a Chicago-based newborn, child, and family photographer.