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What do you want your children to remember about their childhood?

I like to take photographs with purpose. You see, I’m such a TYPE A mama in the sense that I’m always thinking ahead (now, whether they always get executed or not is a totally different story!). I want these images that I take both for myself and for everyone to demonstrate how LOVED our children are. Surrounded by loving family and to catch little toddler mannerisms: smiles, little toes, stoic breaks, and a little thumb sucking. That’s the beauty of parenting life. It’s no easy job, and it often leaves us breathless and ready to collapse at the end of the day- whew! Don’t let life fly by without documenting these sweet little details. 

Check out a recent family milestone session shot in my studio. Hope you enjoy!

And of course, I’ll let mom include a little tutu and some good ‘ol sugar too! 😉 

In the meantime, I’ve taken it upon myself to include myself in the frame a bit more and commit to a weekly project to photograph my own kiddos– whether they’re on an emotional high or low. Doesn’t matter to me, greedily, I want ALL those details to remember one day. And I’ve been wildly surprised at how much this has fueled me creatively, and how motivated I’m getting being a part of this project with my other photographer friends. It’s only week 6, but that also means that the first month has already flown by! Holy cow. Follow me on IG to see my weekly contributions: @jenny.grimm