mommy and her kids in-studio session | chicago child lifestyle photographer

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These simple sessions are always my favorite.

No props, no distractions, just you and your sweet babe(s). I find that the more ‘stuff’ you try to force into a photograph, there’s a strong possibility that you will set yourself up for a bit of disappointment. The number one thing I learned as a world-class TYPE A* mom-tog: When it comes to the photo session, be flexible and BE in the moment. Visually all the fluff and stuff can get a bit distracting and I find that you lose sight of your star of the show: your cute babe. I used to spend entirely way too much time sourcing and spending too much money on props and overall stuff, that I lost sight of what really matters. And to add to the frustration, I ended up liking the simple images focusing on just the baby and the family connections the best anyhow.

Starting this calendar year, I’ve taken it upon myself to step into the frame more to show my future older children that #iwastheretoo. I want to show them I participated in their lives too. The last couple of years really got me weepy when I noticed that I was the one always behind the lens. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love love all the photographs I took, but I’m being proactive this year and I have a couple weekly projects. One to take more everyday lifestyle shots of my kids, doin’ their thang, and one of ME. A DSLR selfie, complete with a remote trigger in hand. Me, in the frame, either with my kids or a solo creative artistic portrait. It’s only been 5 weeks, and I can’t believe how much I’ve already learned about myself. How much creativity I didn’t realize I had in me. It’s helping me grow by leaps and bounds- a benefit not just for personal growth, but also for my client work. A win-win!! 

So here’s a peek at a recent simple studio lifestyle session featuring this amazing hard-working mama and her two sweet babes. (She’s the beauty and the brains behind the local kids’ tee shop T&SUGAR. Support local and check her out here!!) Hope you enjoy looking at these precious little moments. XOXO