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Even though Chicago is considered a ‘big’ city, it’s days like these that remind me how how small of a world it really is. I was contacted by this mama through a local mom’s group via Facebook. Once we connected and started planning our session together, I read through all of her questionnaire responses and I realized that I KNOW her husband! She described him as a ‘laid-back’ guy that does anesthesia from Boston, and a dog named Fenway. Long story short, I happened to be his dental hygienist for many years! So you can imagine my excitement to meet his wife, dogs, and newborn son!! As any dog owner knows, these fur babies are very much a part of your family too. They were essentially your first ‘kids’! So I personally think it’s a MUST that they’re included in your photos too. 🙂 

I’m always booking maternity and newborn sessions and I leave enough space in my schedule to accommodate sessions around my other scheduled family and milestone sessions. (Because let’s be honest- NEWBORNS don’t arrive on a schedule! Well, scheduled C-sections are the exception, but you know what I mean!) Contact me today if you are pregnant or have a newborn, and would like a session similar to this. XOXO