Why Simple Sessions are Great

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Let’s chat Simple Sessions!

I call them ‘Simple Sessions’, while others commonly refer them as ‘Mini Sessions.’ Simple Sessions are shorter sessions that are at a set location at a set time. I offer them exclusively in my cozy home studio in the city (Irving Park), and the room is naturally filled with bright, airy light with the comfiest white bedding and neutral furniture. Kids LOVE it! So as a client, you don’t have a say in where or when they happen because I have set schedule. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t for you. If you much prefer a longer full-on session, you can always still request a full lifestyle session with me here for your family.


But today, I’m going to walk you through three of my favorite things about Simple Sessions:

  1. They’re quick + simple.

     I mean, duh, but seriously. You know those short attention spans your little ones have?! Yeah, that applies for your husband too. While I think almost all kids could benefit from more time warming up (and frankly, if there’s a meltdown, you are kind of screwed with a Simple Session), these short sessions can be GREAT. If you are truly looking for only a few ‘framers’, this is a perfect way to get them. And I’d call you an efficient mom.

  2. They’re f-u-n!

    We have a blast! Custom song playlist? ✅! We have a solid 20 minutes to get everything in, so we are music jammin’ and changing positions and throwing kids up in the air and snuggling like it’s our job. Which, for this 20-30 minutes, it is. For shy kids, this may not be ideal, but if you’ve got some kids with the wiggles, these are perfect for them! Side bonus: this is an excellent parent workout. I give you full permission to skip the gym.

  3. You can do them more often.

    This is the number one reason I offer Simple Sessions. Let’s say you have a baby in March. You had a maternity session, and a Fresh 48 and a newborn session. Then, come fall, that baby has changed so much. You’ve already spent money on photography this year, and are glad you did, but you just can’t justify another full session in the fall. You do, however, want a simple update. OR, say you want a quickie photo session as a fun pregnancy announcement to share? A few new headshots for your lifestyle brand? Simple Sessions are the way to go! Since I offer these throughout the year, so you can get some extra photos without breaking the bank. You can make it themed: Mommy + Me (one of my faaves!), Simple Birthday portrait updates, Maternity, etc.

My Simple Sessions are only offered on set days throughout the year and my schedule tends to fill up fast:

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