We went CAMPING 😳

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We made some pretty epic family memories over the recent holiday weekend.

It was the FIRST time we ever:

Currently, our place in Wisconsin is just acreage of land, so part of this year’s long-awaited plan is to build a simple cabin. We need a long-term place for us to enjoy on our future visits- this urban-dwelling mama isn’t really ‘forest wife’ material!

Our kids Charlotte (now 6 years) and Bear (now 4 years) did incredibly well- we loved watching them run around helping me collect sticks for the campfire, or giggling and shrieking while chasing each other with flashlights. (Side note: my mama gut instinct was to ‘shush’ them quiet- but the husband reminded me we didn’t need to! No human neighbors in sight, just the furry kind.)

At the end of the trip it dawned on me why I’m so dependent on my daily coffee… I haven’t fully slept since I met my dear husband. Ha.

But the sleep deprivation is worth all the fun life adventures and memories we’re collecting. So cheers to less sleep, and more memories! [coffee mug clink]

Collect moments, not things.

Find the camping gear we used and love during our outdoor weekend trip here: