Why Choose an In-Home Session?

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Back in my days of just starting out in photography, there were endless trends to jump on board with. Ultimately, I always resonated with photos that captured the candid side of a family in their natural habitat. Yes, having a formal picture of everyone-smiling-at-the-camera is great to have, but there is something so special about capturing your family’s current energy of this stage as your littles grow up.

We all know how fast they grow up and before you know it they are a foot taller, you have new paint on the wall, or maybe you’ve even moved to the suburbs. Regardless of the change, I love capturing small details you have in your life so you can look back on it lovingly and have a tangible memory.

Your home is a sacred space for the family you have created. There is more to your space than any outsider will understand. I may see a living room, but you see the couch you nursed your baby on, the place you found out you were pregnant, the space the kids built a fort. You simply can’t recreate these emotional ties that are formed at your home in a public space.

You may be worried that your home is too cluttered, too small, not perfectly decorated, but I cannot stress this enough…THAT DOES NOT MATTER.

With a skilled photographer, they can capture your family in any location and highlight your family’s magic. At the end of the day, what matters most is the emotional connection between you and your family.



Your home naturally fosters this.

After having your first in-home session, I can promise all these fears will disappear. You will see how your family’s memories in your home cannot be recreated in a field or downtown. The random selection of a location by a photographer doesn’t capture the same emotional connection as your home.

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