Tips for Lifestyle Newborn Session with TWINS

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chaos in the best possible way

If you’re expecting parent with twins on the way, you’re likely preparing for a life full of love…

and let’s be honest, a method to taming the beautiful chaos that is about to disrupt your current habitat!

Once your twins make their debut and everyone gets settled, it’s nice to get photographs taken to document your early firsts at home. The best trick is to know how to prepare, as well as setting realistic expectations to have the best experience.

helpful tips when preparing for a twin lifestyle newborn sessioN:


get photos of them together& solo

There’s two babies in the house, so naturally there’s more photographs to take. Be prepared to take photos of each child separately, with each child with each parent, and then both together in all the combinations, too. They may have come into this world as a bundle, but you’re likely going to have a special bond with each child that you’ll want to honor for the future.

dressing newborn twins

It’s common to automatically assume you should dress your twins to match, but consider dressing them differently. ESPECIALLY if they happen to be identical. Fast forward a decade or two, and you might not be able to tell them apart. But having twin A in sage green, and twin B in gray, and in their respective cribs with their names displayed above would be super helpful for everyone in the future.

In terms of your style, go with your gut. When in doubt, just keep it simple and classic. You can never go wrong with simple onesies or kimono-style layette sets and solid colors. It will always be timeless and it will keep the focus on your newborn babies’ features (not the lastest baby fashion trend).

P.S. Don’t forget…

-be flexible

Basically, ‘babies are boss’. You know that due date you were provided? Yeah, twins rarely arrive on their due date, and often spend a little more time in the hospital, and that’s totally okay!

The overall feeling and tone of a lifestyle newborn session is largely dictated by the direction of the artist (the photographer). I often get questions from expecting/new parents stressed out about the exact timing of our upcoming newborn shoot. I’ve done newborn shoots in the hospital (less than 24 hrs after delivery), up to approximately 2 months. Sure, there are small physical differences noted, but the BIG picture is that you’re documenting your lives.

-embrace your story

The mess, your sleep-deprived eyes, and all of the in-betweens are all part of your family story. The same story you’ll be able to share with your twin babies in the future: your newly expanded family, and the beginning chapter of your parenthood journey. That’s what really matters.

-be kind (to yourself)

Just remember to give yourselves a little extra grace in the process. You and your partner are likely both sleep-deprived and learning together. And since babies are delivered with a no-return policy, it’s important to be able to lean on each other!



Otherwise, newborn twin sessions are pretty similar to any other in-home newborn session. If you’re expecting twins and you’re ready to book your photography session with me, click here or the button below:

Jenny Grimm is a newborn and family lifestyle photographer based in Chicago. She regularly photographs in the greater Chicagoland area (including Wilmette, Winnetka, Evanston, Deerfield, Glencoe, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Northbrook, Western Springs, Downers Grove and more).