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Sample Modern Family Album | Included as a part of a package option




Don’t take them for granted- Especially when it comes to your photography shoot. As a lifestyle family photographer, I find it challenging to represent your family’s story in this time capsule with just a few portraits. I’m usually able to get away with a collective variety of portraits within a single family session. And what other perfect way to share this curated collection in a story-telling way than a gallery wall or better yet, a quality modern family album?

Let’s put it this way. You know that deep-down-inside-giddy-feeling when you see a package waiting for you?? And that excitement of OPENING up that box?! Yeah, that’s like Christmas. Those very emotions tend to ‘spark joy’ for me. Every. Single. Time. (Hmm, I wonder if this is the secret to Amazon and subscription services’ success?!)

And have you ever been in a situation where post-session gallery delivery, you’ve downloaded your pretty photos from a .zip file, only to feel instantly overwhelmed? Yeah, those image files aren’t auto-arranged in a pretty visual insta-grid on your hard drive. And then you probably ‘x’ out that precious folder containing those files to mentally add that to your growing ‘to-do’ list. That said list also tends to demote itself down the priority chain of command over time. I know this because I’m right there with you too, busy mamas.

Listen, I get that you don’t necessarily want to spend an extraordinary amount of time sourcing, curating and arranging these photos into printed frames, canvases, gallery walls, or as a consolidated album. OR, you end up spending countless late-night-sleep-deprived hours (hello 3 a.m. baby feeding alarm clock!) creating that album, only to discover that the print quality isn’t great. Or that print company has been acquired since you last ordered, so some of the products have been discontinued. Annoying, right?! Well, mamas- I’m here to tell you that I happen to spend quite a bit of time sourcing MY own personal favorite products and only use professional labs with quality materials. All the things that I’m proud to have my name behind, and I happen to think that I have great taste, NBD!

Need the hard evidence? Check out some of my latest JGP lifestyle session tangibles delivered:



O M G. Do you see sweet little Blake in the kitchen sink for a post-birthday cake bath? And her daddy’s expression?! THAT IS EVERYTHING. And that happens to be a memory I’d want to remember forever!


For most, the process seems daunting. But let me assure you- it’s FAR easier for the photographer who created and directed the shoot to curate the album design. I typically just ask my mamas to quickly mark their favorites in their delivered galleries before my initial design proof and layout. Easy peasy!