5 Reasons You Need A Family Session Even If You Know How To Use Your Camera

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I’ve realized that the average Chicago parent is pretty busy. So busy, in fact, that with every booked lifestyle session, I want to make sure I use a family’s time wisely to create not just great pictures during their shoot, but also providing them with the convenience of curated quality tangibles, too.

Part of the experience of hiring a seasoned professional is the fun! Relax and leave it to the professional to make the entire experience enjoyable for everyone involved (Hint – No offense, but they are probably going take better pictures too).

If you’ve got kids and you’re feeling like you’ve scored some amazing portraits of your babies, you may wonder, “Do I really need to hire a photographer for a family session even though I can take my own pictures?”



Here are 5 reasons why you need a professional family photographer:

1. You’re probably sleep-deprived.

I never met a parent who said they’ve had ‘too much’ or ‘plenty’ of sleep.

We all know how sleep-deprivation impacts our cognitive performance and focus, so these will probably not be your best portraits you’ll create.

4. You’ll get more than just the basic shots.

Most often, the candid ones are my absolute faves. And they’re hard to conjure up yourself- imagine trying to get this kind of portrait with a tripod! (Spoiler alert: they often turn out out-of-focus.)

2. It’s a smart way to out-source a stressful task.

Sure, this doesn’t mean you CAN’T do this yourself- but is it really worth it? Are you creating a fun experience that your family members would want to cheerfully participate again in the future? My own dear husband has always commented ‘Oh, that wasn’t too bad’ at the end of our family sessions (I even hire pro’s for our own family). Trust me, if this comes out of HIS mouth, it’s time for cartwheels and celebration headstands!

5. We commission paid family photography sessions, too.

Yup, we ‘pro photographers’ need our own family portraits too! Many of my clients are creative & marketing directors, videographers, and photographers themselves. Sure, we could probably do the whole tripod thing more efficiently than the average person, but it’s still a ton of work. And just because we’re great at photographing other children, it doesn’t mean our OWN will cooperate (I happen to be just ‘mom’ in my kids’ eyes, not a pro photographer. Our kids keep us honest and humble, right?!)

3. You have instant access to quality, curated tangibles AFTER your shoot.

The vast majority who initially come knocking on my virtual door usually look for ‘just the digitals’. But the truth of the matter is, only FEW actually do something with them right away. What good is that?! Allow your pro to use their experience to commission custom frames, albums, or prints in the perfect scale for your home to enjoy for generations to come.



If you’re a parent and you own a fancy camera…have you attempted your own family portraits? If not, have you ever hired a professional photographer? If so, what did you appreciate most about the experience? Let me know, and I’d love to share your thoughts!

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