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Listen up, CHICAGO! This isn’t just your average family of FIVE…

Meet Dr. Chris Donohoe and his adooooorable family crew! (That’s right. “Crew.” When you have more than two kids, the term needs to be a bit more plural.) He’s one of the most respected pediatricians in Chicago, and a really good one at that. And you know what? He’s breaking ground in these parts by opening up Chicago’s first ever concierge pediatric practice, just without the ‘fancy’ factor. Because he’s just down to earth, easy-going, and pretty darn cool. And not to mention, a wealth of happiness with his adorably FUN family! 

I can attest to his credibility as a way-above-average practitioner from personal experience. He’s cared for my own two babies (I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son), and if it weren’t for his expertise, attention to detail, and empathy as a caregiver, I’d probably be a big old stressball mommy. My second pregnancy was an unexpected high-risk one, and there were a lot of different specialists we had to follow up with postpartum. At the end of the day, my son is doing FANTASTIC (Thank GOD!), and after having gone through all of the rollercoaster of emotions, I now live my life with a HUGE heart and an attitude of gratitude. (Plus, if it weren’t for my experience of undue stress, I wouldn’t have pursued my dream of building this photography business based on life’s littlest moments- ‘lifestyle photography.’) Freezing time. Appreciating the small stuff. This is also why you have to understand why I’m so excited and thrilled that Dr. Chris is pursuing his own dream of opening this new kind of medicine practice here in Chicago. He also went through a tough year last year, when life threw him a curveball and he discovered he had a brain tumor. After a successful surgery, immense optimism, and a new leash on life, here he is! And I couldn’t be more supportive and impressed with his drive and family support. I was privileged to spend an evening with his adorably F-U-N family, and I’m just in awe of their family dynamic, and the infectious love they have for one another. This is a family that just raises the bar, and one to really look up to. 

Want proof? 

Come take a look at some of my favorite highlights from our recent session together. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Fun fact: Dr. Chris’ wife, Joy, is SUPER ticklish. I only wish I looked this gorgeous while being tickled! 😉

After a quick outfit change, we jetted off to Lincoln Park!

Chris + Joy, I just love the love you guys have for each other. 

Kungfu Panda!

The succession of an unexpected sibling tickle attack. (Sorry, Tommy! Lol.) 

Want to learn more about his unique pediatric practice?

Check out his website or visit his FB page! 🙂

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