Pretty baby girl in pink | chicago newborn lifestyle photographer

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One of the most challenging parts of my daily workflow as a photographer is culling, or narrowing down all of the ‘good’ images. When there’s SO MANY good ones, it makes it extra tough! This is one of the many amazing in-home newborn lifestyle sessions I did recently that I haven’t had a chance to share yet. And it was EPIC. This little darling baby girl was just an angel the entire time, and this gorgeous mama‘s energy level postpartum absolutely floored me. Oh, and she fit seamlessly into this gorgeous black gown I happened to have with me. #momgoals. But really, I just loved seeing this new family of three interact and dote on each other. It’s really such a privilege for me to enter my clients’ homes at this stage and capture such intimacy. My heart was melting all over the place behind the lens… check out some of my culled favorites. Hope you enjoy!

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