Your MOM GRIT is the New Success Mindset

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Every so often, I like to mix up the type of audio I listen to: upbeat current music, Kidz Bop (because let’s be real- ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat gets OLD), classical non-lyrical music to focus with, funny podcasts, business podcasts, and audio books, to name a few. Most recently, I tuned into a Ted Talk that shed light on a key component of success.

Let me give you a hint: it isn’t based on merit, IQ, social intelligence, physical health, or good looks.

It is GRIT.

‘The stamina to work hard for many years to make that future a reality- it takes real GRIT.’

Here were my key takeaways I feel compelled to share with you:

  • The ability to learn is not fixed. It can change, with your effort.

  • Your brain changes + GROWS + responds when faced with challenge.

  • we’re much more likely to persevere when we fail.

  • failure is not a permanent condition.

Therefore, we need to be willing to fail. We need to be ‘gritty’, and our kids? They need to be ‘grittier’.

We live in a reality as parents, mothers, young professionals where our lives are regularly punctuated by these mini crises. There’s a lot of unpredictability, but one constant that you can secure for yourself and for your family is your GRIT. Our family has this motto, ‘Never give up!’, and I remind my kids of this when they throw their hands up in a fit of tantrum and whine that they can’t do this or that. I like to encourage them to attempt a try, even at the risk of inevitable failure.

So. You shouldn’t give up on your ideas of success or that perfect work/life balance workflow. Just make sure that they are ones that you originated for yourself. Not from some beautiful Pinterest/IG account envy, but that they’re truly your own. Why? You need to make sure that the ideas that you’re filling your brain with are in fact, goals that you truly want for yourself, and not something that you’ve been influenced to covet. Because you can’t be successful at everything; you can’t have it all. Let’s make sure our ideas of ‘success’ are truly our own, and we pursue them with GRIT!

you got this.