3 Ways to Style Your Framed Photos + Art

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if you love it, frame it

Once you’ve narrowed down your absolute favorite portraits and works of art, you’ll want to coordinate them into different groupings. You can categorize them by which room in your home they’ll go in- for instance: by colors/tones, or by size.

wall galleries


PC ©Emily Lucarz

I have three different examples of how you can curate your home gallery wall:


  1. large gallery wall groupings

I particularly love these groupings because they look more organically grown over a period of time in a home. Gallery walls such as these tend to be with a mix-match set of frames (a great opportunity to incorporate vintage + modern together), art, and your favorite photographs. The best part is that there’s really no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of doing it, and this wall style allows you to add and edit pieces as you see fit!

Tip#1: I highly recommend using Velcro Command Strips for hanging whenever possible. There’s so many different weight support sizes out there now, and this way you’re not constantly patching up your walls from wall holes! Plus, they sell them in bulk at COSTCO. Did I ever mention how much I love Costco?!

Tip #2: If you’re not big on buying seasonal decor and accessories for your home, an easy seasonal update is to temporarily replaced framed pieces with a holiday photo or typographic message. Voila! Instant update!


2. WALL grids

For those who crave symmetry and clean, consistent linear spacings- this is a no-brainer.

I’d highly recommend going a simpler route and picking the same frame for the entire grid for a consistent look. This way, the focus will be in the content of your frames.


3. Layered frames

You can layer large frames on a shelf, on top of a dresser, or lean a few smaller options on top of a nightstand. You can easily swap, mix-and-match, and add more layers whenever you want!

Walls empty + need help?

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