hello little handsome | chicago family + child lifestyle photography

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A lively outing with the whole family makes this Chicago family lifestyle session the epitome of a fun family outing at the park and beach! This age for little boys is always such an exciting, busy time. I just love their explorative nature. Toddler curiosity is never ending, and all kids have such an urge to be so independent (STOP growing up so fast, kids!!!). It may be frustrating in the moment for the parent (guilty as charged with my own littles from time to time), but as the photographer- part of what I really love about my ‘job’ is that I really get to take a step back and enjoy watching your little babies. I love seeing them interact with the new environment, touching, running, and even those snuggle moments in between with mommy and daddy. And in this family session’s case, this lucky little lad also had his grandma and grandpa who were in town visiting! 

Ahhh, toddlerhood. Check out some of my favorites from the latest family session. (I’m just a sucker for this little guy and his ginger RED hair!!!!!)

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