A Few Reasons to Love Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Photo Sessions

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Hello, mama!

Wondering whether or not you want to schedule an in-home lifestyle newborn photography session? Allow me to articulate a few of my favorite reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create new family memories:

Most of your family’s memories happen in your home.

Everyone is comfy at home. It’s a no-brainer for me to photograph organic, candid moments in your natural habitat.

Your images will be unique to your family. 

 Little details you want to include in your images, like this wedding dress this mama wore on her big day…

Or daddy’s own heirloom baby blanket he had as a little baby. A keepsake handmade item that is shown passed down to the next generation. How sweet is that!

You’ll have everything handy at your fingertips. 

Diapers, lanolin, and all of your other baby essentials. Conveniently in YOUR home where I happen to be photographing anyway. And if other family members need a quick break? No problemo, you know where everything is! 😉 

The photos will be a peek into your world.

Allow me to SHOW your family what their childhood was like: carefully chosen nursery decor, your favorite baby books you read to them, and their first stuffed animal. This is their FIRST home, and someday, you might move. Let’s illustrate your baby’s environment in their first years. 


A WIN-WIN! Gah, I personally love it when I can accomplish two amazing things with one smart decision.

An in-home newborn lifestyle session are a nice glimpse of what your life looks like when “no one is looking”- so these captured memories will be a treasure trove to your future generations. They’ll want to see what your home was like, what details are in the other parts of the image, and most importantly, they’ll want to know what you FELT at this time.

The pictures will remind you of how you FELT, not just what you looked like.

Organic emotions, connections, and expressions mean more to me than a perfectly posed traditional portrait. I’ve got the biggest mama heart because of my own treasured motherhood experiences. The way I value life and tiny moments is absolutely how I like to capture families through the lens. I want to capture your love story. 

As mothers, we tend to worry about our appearance and always want to photograph our best presentable self. I personally care too, and I make sure I photograph all of my mamas in the MOST flattering way possible. (Yes, DESPITE the inevitable sleep deprivation and bags under our eyes…) And don’t worry, I’m always reminding dads on how to insert themselves into the frame to help complement their baby mama. Because let’s be honest: We may get the PERFECT image of your child and husband, but if WE don’t look great, sure we’ll keep the image, but it’s probably not getting blown up into a huge canvas- amiright?! 

So don’t worry mama… I got you. 

Collect moments, not things.

Please inquire during your pregnancy to best guarantee a Lifestyle Newborn Session availability. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon! XO

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