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Hey, friends!


Remember those kiddos of mine that we had the luxurious opportunity to drop off at grandma and grandpa’s in Virginia Beach? Voila our day at Mount Trashmore (Yes, you read that correctly. A mountain/park made of T R A S H !!) I remember growing up in this town, and there was always kite flying. It was pretty nostalgic to see the traditions continue…


My seester. 🙂



This calendar year, I committed to a 52 week project (1 for every week of the year) that includes getting in the frame more. I want to show my children that I was there too. Often as the token photographer for the family, I’m participating, but my children and their children won’t get to visualize that. So it’s been important to me to document US and their fleeting childhood. And I also take self-portraits and share with an intimate group of photographers that has been a HUGE inspiration for me. It’s really challenging me in ways I didn’t know I could grow so quickly. I’m learning a ton, making new creative friends, and I’m LOVING this process so far. Who knew this vulnerability could lead to so much positivity? Growth is scary, but I hope that I will never stay static and just go the ‘safe’ route. I appreciate and embrace the challenge! After all, that’s just what life is, right?

Collect moments, not things. XOXO