farewell summer | chicago family lifestyle photographer

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One of my favorite things about Chicago is the fact that we have this AMAZING lakefront that serves as our beach. You get the benefits of urban life, PLUS a variety of different beaches along the skyline. The scale of the skyline will vary depending on where you go in the city, and the same with the crowded factor. This particular beach, Ohio Street Beach, happens to be one of my favorites!

I feel so privileged and honored when friends and clients reach out to me on a REPEAT basis to commission me to document their favorite moments and memories. To me, these sessions are so much more than just updating the usual family picture. Together, we’re giving their family name a bit more visual history. Memories you can’t wait to proudly display on your walls. Put on your holiday cards. Add to family albums. I love proving to your future generations that YOU, the beautiful mommy, exist. 🙂

{P.S. This mama, Brittany, happens to be FABULOUS at doing hair. Which is why hers is always so perfect with every session we do together. You can find her at Lakeview’s Robert Jeffrey salon, where she’s mastered the technique of balayage– which is my FAVE way of highlighting/coloring hair! Highly, highly recommend this method for the busy mama. It happens to grow out VERY nicely.}

Check out some of my favorites from our recently family lifestyle session together. Hope you enjoy!

Side note: I love the fact that toddlers are SO friendly! This one happens to be an adorable social butterfly. 😉