Three Tips for Better Mobile Photos

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Wanna take better mobile photos?

Most people walk around all day with a little camera right in their pocket. We no longer need to miss catching these unplanned moments by lugging around complicated and bulky camera equipment. Our phone cameras have expanded the accessibility of taken pictures so much that photography is no longer about needing to have high-tech equipment, but rather knowing how to use what you have and stage a good image.

Over the years I have narrowed down my biggest tips for DIY photoshoots with your mobile device. Read along to know my secret three tips for better mobile photos ⬇


NATURAL. LIGHT. This is every photographer’s best friend and very important detail for mobile photography. As we know phones do not have as much flexibility as the ones professionals use so make sure to find an area that has even, natural light. This will help you avoid lens flares and odd exposures.

Indoor Tips:

  • Turn off interior lights to avoid extra warmth from tungsten lights. If they are on it will add uneven colors to your image.
  • Place your subject near a window and face them towards the light to avoid deep shadows. 

Natural light leaves a nice whites in the entire image.


Tungsten light leaves warm yellow light on subject.

Outdoor Tips:

  • Find open shade out of the harsh sun for a softer image
  • Shoot during golden hour (an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset). This gives a natural and GORGEOUS makeover to the subject. Make sure you don’t shoot directly at the sun to avoid backlighting.
pregnant mom in pin dress under natural light with better mobile images

Full sun blows out the highlights and creates hard shadows.


Open Shade evens out the shadows and softens the highlights on mobile images.


The angle can change everything. Try to get on the same level as the subject for a more direct and professionally composed image. 

For example, if you are taking a picture of your child picking a flower crouch down or get on your knees to capture the moment. You’d be surprised by how a simple angle change can take your phone photo from basic to scroll-stopping. 

Three sisters cuddle on rainbow steps by Chicago Newborn Photographer

Standing position looking down on subject.


Standing position looking down on subject.


Crouching or kneeling to get even level with subject.


Crouching or kneeling to get even level with subject


Go for a natural filter. Mobile Presets are incredibly easy to use and allow you to edit on the go! Whether you are a professional photographer or simply want to beautify the photos on your camera roll, mobile presets allow you to elevate your images with a click of a button (no extensive editing expertise required). Presets really make it almost effortless. 

Two siblings kiss doodle pup by Jenny Grimm Photography

I hope you enjoyed these secret tips for better mobile photos. Happy mobile picture taking!!