3 Ways to Back Up Your High-Res Image Files

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With children, we all know that spills can happen at any second! Sometimes our phones are dropped in the pool, tossed across the room, or our computers get juice spilled across it. Then just like that, all of your photos, videos, and more can be wiped away.

Digital photos are amazing, so we have to remember to BACK THEM UP! Losing your photos and videos is always so heart-breaking, but preventable. We want you to have your photos forever and be able to look back on them in ten, twenty, or more years.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE back up your images with one of these ways:


Back-Up Photos to an HDD or SSD

When you get your photos back from your session, you should immediately start by backing up your images to a storage of choice(after you are finished gushing over your beautiful family of course).

You can do this on either a solid-state drive(SSD) or a hard disk drive(HDD). A HDD is storage technology that use spinning disks to read/write data. A SSD has no moving parts so not only is it more likely to protect your pictures if it falls, but they are smaller, faster, and more reliable. Overall, there are so many options that suit every budget and preference!

I recommend this one.


Set Up a NAS Storage

I know too many acronyms… NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. You can think of it as your very own storage network where you can easily access your photos and files through a network instead of your computer directly. If you want a reliable storage system, this is it. No worries about dropping this!


The Cloud Backup

The last option is one that is quite popular…Cloud Storage. There are so many different options out there for free and paid, depending on the size of storage you need.

We have all been there where our phone is maxed out of storage and you have to delete off photos. With cloud storage you can delete the original off your phone but still access it on your phone through the cloud app, i.e. google photos, dropbox (this way you can still reminisce about your child’s baby years or wedding day in seconds.)