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One of my favorite photographer friends recently shared this quote from the legend:

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
Annie Leibovitz

That resonated with me, and I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly.

Let me begin by sharing this: I started this business full of passion for the mere art of creating. Creating art for others with images of their favorite humans is such a emotional high. It’s been the best creative therapy for me personally. You see, a couple years ago I experienced a high-risk pregnancy with a baby that had medical conditions that raised more than a few eyebrows. Some of the specialists we saw were in the neurology, kidney, cardiology, physical therapy, and urology departments. That’s a big pill to swallow, friends. So working full-time in my previous career, I had to take A LOT of time off to accommodate these specialist appointments at Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago. Fortunately, most of my son’s medical concerns have been resolved, but it’s permanently opened up my mama heart with empathy and even more love in my eyes. I see life as more of an gracious opportunity. Creating meaningful images as a career meant that I could invest more into a personal creative outlet for myself, all while creating a more flexible business model for my family. A win-win.

This is why I connect to my families on such a deep level. It’s also why I’ve been limiting how many sessions I take on a monthly basis. I simply don’t want to sacrifice quality. I don’t want to limit the time I spend with my clients, and thus the number of images I share in their galleries. During my family sessions, I’m invested emotionally because I want them to be just as vulnerable so I can create beautiful art.

It’s art with my whole heart.

Friends, it’s not just about a pretty picture and that ‘perfect family photo’. It’s now my life’s work to show and prove to you that you and your family are already perfect and beautiful. Every family I meet is so wonderfully unique and you each have a beautiful story to share. I consider it a privilege that I get to share your favorite memories to show your future generations.

Let’s collect more moments and less things. xo



I’ve been photographing these boy-girl twins since they were newborns, and each session I marvel at how quickly they’ve grown!! And they are ADORABLE. Time flies by way too fast when you have little children.



But don’t just take it from me. It’s (text) messages like these from my clients that makes my heart so, so full.





“Jenny, my songs and dance pale in comparison [to yours].”


Side note: I am fully aware I probably look like a silly fool out in public to entertain your littles. Little Evan isn’t smiling or laughing in this image- BUT I caught his attention- and BOY, does he look handsome here.

And hey, whatever it takes! 😉




Mama, your kiddos’ sweetness have the same effect on me. 😉



Ashlee + Ben,

It’s always a privilege and honor to photograph the happiness and joy in your life.





P.S. A heads up for those who are still considering a family session on the books for 2017, there are just a handful of sessions left! Contact me ASAP so I can share my booking calendar with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!