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Recently, I met this sweet family at the Art Institute downtown since it was pretty frigid outside Chicago. Like, ‘feels like -40 degrees’ weather. Woof. Don’t get me wrong- we were actually planning on doing an outdoor portion no matter what (how PRETTY would SNOW be as our backdrop?!!), but of course Mother Nature didn’t provide that for us. Just really frigid cold winds.

So we warmed up indoors, did a little exploring around the Art Institute museum, and ended on that awesome bridge right outside. I just love seeing these family members interacting with one another. I love their son’s age (he’s 2.5 years young), and his ADORABLE little personality. I just can’t wait to see him as a BIG BROTHER super soon! They’re expecting to expand to a family of FOUR soon, and I can’t wait to meet them and photograph them in their home for a home lifestyle session. 

Hope you enjoy these maternity memories at the Art Institute in Chicago! XO