50 Ways To Make Your Home Gallery Wall More Visually Appealing

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After spending years of creating priceless family memories for my clients and designing gallery wall designs, prints, and framing options with both my print labs and my interior designer friends— I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to make your home gallery wall design stand out.

One of my goals in each home gallery wall design is to make it more visually appealing. Since visual appeal relates to what meets the eye, it’s the colors, shapes, pictures, white space and overall balance of the design that we perceive to be attractive.

While you may want to hire an interior designer to curate and custom design a gallery wall, you may not have the budget for that. I’m a huge proponent of DIYing your own gallery wall- especially in the first years of starting your family. This way, you can allow room for growing your collection of favorite memories and swapping images, frames, or mat sizes.

When you DIY your home gallery wall, you can…

  • Save money as you’re getting started by doing the work yourself rather than paying for a designer

  • Make changes to your gallery wall with confidence with using temporary mounting adhesives (such as 3M Command strips) without the risk of damaging your wall paint

  • Create a custom look using one of my 50 gallery wall templates as a starting point to customize your home.


Check out these visual inspirations below to ease the pain of planning so you can save time:


That’s not all!






Jenny Grimm

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