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Chicago showed off the most PERFECT fall weather recently. This particular weekend was gorgeous: partly cloudy, and a comfortable high of 70 degrees. Because we’ve recently had unseasonably warm temperatures (holy moly 90 degrees!!!), it’s resulting in a shorter cycle of the fall leaves changing color. It’s a good thing we were there to document all of these gorgeous warm tones this season! 



Oh, in case you guys didn’t know… I’m pretty funny. Or at least I can usually make your kids crack a real giggle here and there! 😉


Mom provided the most fitting bible verse that suits her daughter Arden ever-so-perfectly:

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” -Proverbs 31:25

Oh, and I’m going to throw in a little PSA for those who are new to following my work: I’m not the type of photographer who you call for a traditional, ‘everyone-looking-at-the-camera’ posed set-up to hang over your mantel. I like to think of my work as more ‘moment-driven’. 😉

I love a good mother-daughter moment.

These two. Isn’t mama just STUNNING?!




EMILY: I just hope and pray that Arden doesn’t lose her sparkle, her joy. That life may be stressful and tough, but with a positive attitude she can get through anything. She’s our little ray of sunshine and sass. She makes our life more interesting and joyful. 

Everett is our little adult, so my hope is that he can let loose, don’t take life so seriously, and be flexible. I want to teach him that life isn’t always fair, and that failure isn’t getting it all wrong… but it’s not trying at all. He’s sharp, loving, sensitive and leans on God in times of fear, he holds us accountable with our parenting choices at times and his faith is something we admire and hope he keeps with him for life.

DAVE: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! …And eat your vegetables.


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