#TBT series: Newborn Chicago Lifestyle Session with Baby Elodie

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Every time my mind tries to think of a way to creatively ‘catch up’ and share more INCREDIBLE sessions that I didn’t get a chance share and publish, there seems to be… [enter every excuse in the world here]. Call it the life of a solo-mompreneur. Better yet, I’m gonna call it LIFE, amiright?! Point is, these sessions and portraits deserve to be shared with the world. So let’s get to the good stuff- more newborn lifestyle photography photos, please!

#TBT series is the method that I’m determined to share more incredible Chicago lifestyle sessions (that I never got around to publishing, in no particular order). 

Meet Elodie Jane.

She’s just a beauty, isn’t she?!! 


Reality check: babies aren’t always sleeping angels 100% of the time. I love that I was able to get images of ‘Daddy to the rescue’ here. The transition of upset/gassy/tired crying to a satisfying post-milk burp. Ahhh.. doesn’t Dad’s chest look super comfy here?!


There’s just nothing better than family snuggles in bed, right?! (If ONLY babies and toddlers slept super still the entire time…)



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