Family of Four in Oak Park | chicago family lifestyle photographer

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This fun daddio works with my hubby, and I was thrilled that they asked me to photograph them because they have the CUTEST family! Family lifestyle sessions are so fun because I loved being able to photograph them in their own element- their gorgeous home and backyard in Oak Park.  

Side note: I have to totally confess and say that I misread their address from all of my emails and drove almost two hours to the WRONG ADDRESS. *Forehead slap* And this was after already shooting two other sessions the same morning. I called dad and he said to come on over anyway- so I raced against the sunset, made it to their place in Oak Park, and was determined to DELIVER AMAZING IMAGES! 

You know you hit a home run when you get an emails from BOTH the mom and dad… 

Dad: “Jenny, these look fabulous, brought a tear to my eye seeing what a lucky person I am! Thank you again for coming out, you did an amazing job and I blame your lack of direction on an outdated GPS system. Time to trade in that car! Here is what Nolan had to say after you left: “that Jenny sure was a stinker but I want her to live with us!!” 

Mom: “Jenny, these are sooo GREAT! I love them. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you so much for everything. Like Lars said, you’re a real hit around here! Even with our Tess who doesn’t warm up to ANYONE!” 

Check out some of my favorite highlights from our recent session together. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 

Let’s just say I think #missionaccomplished!!!!! 🙂

Thanks Nolan + Tess for sharing your chocolate ice cream! 😉 

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