Mommy + Me | Simple Session

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Here’s the number one statement I hear most from all mommies everywhere:

“I’m hardly in any pictures- I’m usually the one taking all the photos!”

Well mamas, there’s no time like the PRESENT. Quit living your life full of regret and book a quick and efficient session with me! I love using my studio to incorporate Simple Session portraits of BOTH mommy and baby. Not just the ‘everyone-look-at-the-camera-portrait’, but all of those in-between candid moments. The snuggles, giggles, that way your baby looks at you with all the adoration in the world. What I would give to recreate these sessions for myself and my own two (not-so-little) little ones!

The best gift I could ever give to a fellow mama is the expression of love between you and your baby. Talk about portraits that make your heart swell!!

Now I’ve heard all of the lame excuses us mamas tend to give:

  • “But I still have 10 more pounds to lose”

  • “I didn’t have time to color my hair” or

  • “I just don’t have the time.”

But here’s the thing. There’s NO amount of Retinol or Vitamin A overnight serum that will make you look younger than you do NOW. And guess who doesn’t care about those superficial worries we all get?! That’s right, your KID. Your precious baby deserves to see all of the love and attention you share for him/her. You make time for what’s important to you. So let’s show your baby and the rest of your future family what their current world is all about.

Can you just imagine reliving this milestone with your grown up child one day? Or better yet- imagine your child showing your future GRANDCHILD how beautiful grandma was in her prime child-rearing days! Mamas, I got your back- let’s show you guys off:


  • Mom’s dress | Forever 21

  • Daughter’s dress | Baby Gap

  • Woven wall hanging | @hookandweaveco