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I wanted to share a few highlights from our recent beach vacation in Charleston, SC and Kiawah Island. It’s so nice to unplug, de-stress, and focus on the little things that keep me going: family, friends, sunshine. My husband always complains about me bringing my camera everywhere, but now I unapologetically ignore him. (Hey, I’m allowed. 5 years of marriage!) I Because being able to look back on the last year through my photos (both professional and personal) I can see how much I have grown and struggled… and be grateful. I’ve learned so many things – from both the business and creative side of things. But the struggle of learning is part of what makes me passionate about what I do.



This past Tuesday, my son underwent surgery at our local hospital in Chicago and he handled it like a champ. ME/MAMA, on the other hand? I was a ball of emotions. The poor little guy (he’s currently ~16 months) had no idea what was coming yet, right before they took him back, he gave me the best orangutang-hug with his crazy long arms. He even patted me on the back! I just lost it right then and there. The health of my son and the overall well-being of my children and family keep me open and honest. Because of this, I certainly don’t take anything in life for granted…

Post-recovery snuggles.


Leigh Webber Photography


…moral of the story:

I am always endlessly grateful for every single memory I get to keep and treasure. To capture these small flickers of time because ALL of these moments matter. Let me be honest – selfishly, I want my children to remember ME. 

I choose to exist in photographs with them. 

And I can’t wait to remind them until the end of time how much I admire their innocence, their energy, their emotions, and their youthful beauty.

All of those things.

(Which is why I make it a priority to commission a family photographer annually for our own family photos. And let me tell you, it isn’t easy being in front of the camera. So, it’s a good reminder for me to help my very important clients look and feel good.)

I’ll share with you here some of my own personal and cherished moments to remind YOU to exist in photographs.YOU matter (as you are), and so do YOUR favorite special people, too.

P.S. If you’re waiting to be 10 pounds thinner, I can promise you one thing: the ones who love you most don’t care one bit. Don’t wait. You love your family for all their small blemishes and chubby rolls and blatant flaws. Don’t look back only to realize you eliminated yourself from the family genealogy simply because you didn’t want them to remember yours. It doesn’t need to be a special event (pregnancy, newborn, wedding) because EVERY part of life is an event and you make it special. So trust me. Embrace the chaos and the journey. It’s bound to happen with or without you. 😉




Leigh Webber Photography


… cheers to down time!

And we’re back to the notoriously busy fall season. 

Stay tuned for more amazing CHICAGO sessions I can’t wait to share with you. 😉 


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