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Welcome home, little one.

Little baby Errol has spent the first 90+ days of his life in the hospital. It’s been quite the rollercoaster ride for this sweet family since our maternity session. It was nothing short of AMAZING to witness these two new parents juggle this new ever-changing schedule. Cheers to these two (and every other NICU parent) for the extra lack of sleep, stress, and flexibility that you’ve had to endure to adapt to this new lifestyle. Your handsome blue-eyed baby boy is so incredibly lucky to have you as his parents. He’s thriving off of your nurture and love.


I read somewhere once that:

Successful parents are not the ones that never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.


A little #PSA:

No matter whether or not you have a full-term newborn, toddler, or a preemie born far too early and spending months in the hospital, there’s always a family story to share. I often get booking inquiries for newborn sessions SUPER early in the pregnancy (it’s kinda fun being amongst the first to know that the line turned blue!!). And I’ve had a few instances of parents who email me after giving birth early, wondering if it’s still possible to have their session, or when it’s a ‘good enough’ time to schedule our lifestyle session on the calendar. And I can’t help but notice a sense of marked sadness to the tone. It breaks my heart every single time I read one of those notes and makes me want to reach through the screen and give mom a humongous HUG. I get it- so much of the “normalcy” of having a new baby at home may not have happened, or all of the curveballs are overwhelming and daunting… however despite all of that, you better believe that we can still have a gorgeous, love-soaked newborn session with your little babe.

Oh, by the way…

Sometimes I don’t get the chance (or I miss the opportunity) to tell the amazing families I meet WHY this ‘work‘ means so much to me. (And it’s kinda a long detailed story, but you can get the gist of it HERE.) Truth of the matter is, the experience of your family photography session means the WORLD to me too. I’ve gained something from every experience: whether it was technical or life perspective. Priceless lessons that I’m eternally grateful for. I know that most families that commission this type of professional family photography work initially envision a ‘picture perfect’ session (think Pinterest or a celeb’s Instagram page). But I’ve learned quickly that I’m best catered to photographing MOMENTS. My mission is not only to take care of clients (ESPECIALLY mom) and photograph them beautifully, but to show them a perspective outside of their ‘now’. To document those small little whispers and tippy toes and extra snuggles. Trust me. Time flies by fast, and you simply can’t go back and rewind. But you CAN create a bit of permanence with heartfelt photography. Do it, and you (and your grandkids) can thank me later. You’re welcome.

XO Jenny