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Introducing my record-breaking most images taken in one in-home newborn session ever!!! It’s a good thing for my clients that my sessions are all-inclusive, meaning they get ALLL of these edited digital images… (In order to keep your scrolling finger from cute baby image overload, I’ve tried my best to collage most of these images together so you get more bang for your buck/per second! You’re welcome in advance.) 

You may remember these parents from our maternity session together, and also our recent hospital session together. It’s so nice to get a little bit more creative and incorporate a bit more into our home sessions since we documented most of this little baby boy’s main event at the hospital. And a lot of people may wonder why someone would need so many images so early on, but LOOOK! It’s crazy fast how quickly these babies change!! And keep in mind- I strive to collect and document these early MEMORIES. Not just grabbing a picture of your babe of what they look like- but how you FELT at that moment. That’s most important. Because one day, this little boy will grow up, and he’ll know EXACTLY what kind of love his parents have for him. 

Check out some of my favorite highlights from our session together. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 

This next set of images is for his dad. #manchesterunited

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