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Lifestyle maternity photography.

It’s natural, unforced, and realistic. Allow me to SHOW you! 

Come take a look at my favorite highlights from a recent pregnancy session done in Chicago. Hope you enjoy! 😉

When one of your friends is 6′ tall, gorgeous, has a beautiful little girl, and is expecting her second baby, and NEVER dresses up…

…You convince her to do an epic maternity session that all photographers daydream of. 🙂

Kinsey, you are a natural: M-O-D-E-L material!!!!!

You guys. You have to realize that this gorgeous mama NEVER dresses up like this. So when her princess-loving girly daughter saw her mommy wearing this beautiful dress, she was super ecstatic! And as classy and stunning as these ladies are, I love how playful and realistic the images are. It really just represents a two year old girl’s playfulness. 🙂

Best part? When Kinsey tells me she felt prettier during this maternity session than she did on her wedding day… !!! Man, I love my ‘job’ so much…

The sunset was setting FAST, so I’m embracing the grain!! #highISO These are just too good not to share…

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FYI: I experimented and used this underwater camera case. My opinion? Granted it was my first time, but it was too bulky and difficult for me to grab focus – especially also while trying to dodge those waves! So I missed a TON of shots and got a lot more grain in my later images. Fun to try, but I think it’s a great pack to save you from getting sand and water in your gear! 😉