Easy Styling Tricks to Finish Your Look

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Almost every mom I’ve talked to has admitted to panicking at the last minute about outfit planning for their upcoming photography session. They usually want to it to look as though it was effortless, yet polished and finished. Assuming you’re like most of my busy mama clients, you’re faced with busy, hectic mornings (helloo parenthood), and the process is often stressful.

a few STYLING tips to help you polish off ANY look without having to go to the store:


You may have heard of this term from the Fab 5’s Tan France, but this has become a healthy personal habit of mine. Luckily the high-waisted inseam is a trend that is here to stay, and it helps elongate your legs- and by using a french tuck, you’re showing off a waist-cinching flattering peek. Tuck the bottom half of your button downs, and leave the upper half untucked. Apply this to blouses, tees, sweaters (Fall trend alert: sweaters french tucked into midi skirts with booties!!), you name it.


This ‘pop’ can be a striking color, texture, or shine (metallics are trending!). They can be a jewelry accessory, belt, hat, or even a fab shoe- but it’s nice having an element of interest for your overall look. Don’t just play it safe with a monochromatic all-black look, unless you play it up with fun varying textures.


This is a great one that both men and women can apply- you can always cuff the sleeves of your blazer or button up. Or try scrunching up the sleeves and then cuffing the ends. (Hint: love the way that it looks but they won’t stay put? Try using a thick rubber band to help hold it in place and scrunching the fabric over the rubber band to conceal it.) I especially love doing this when the jacket/blazer has awesome contrasting lining inside- instant style!

So as you can see, a little effort can go a long way in making you look like you’ve put some thought and intention in your wardrobe look. It speaks volumes in how you carry yourself, and that confidence will SHINE when you get your next photo session done.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and this helped give you some ideas to recycle some of your closet staples. I’d love to hear your thoughts- be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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