A peek inside this chicago family home | lifestyle video photography

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Changing things up and keeping you on your toes…

VIDEO style!

Press play, pretty please:

I really do like to push myself creatively and often it’s spontaneous think-on-the-fly OMG moments. I did a family lifestyle session for this cute bunch, and then mama hen here just picked up her guitar, strummed a sweet lullaby with her pretty voice. I was snapping away… and then it dawned on me. AHH! No one will be able to HEAR her preeeeetty voice (you have to wait towards the end to hear/see her singing)!!!! Well, luckily my fancy schmancy camera has video! Well- first timer here shooting this footage, but here goes nothing!

And practice makes perfect, right? Future sessions, watch out. I may turn the video on your session and you won’t even KNOW! 😉 

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