a boy or girl? | chicago maternity lifestyle photographer

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I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to hear and find out whether these two wonderful Chicago parents-to-be are having a baby boy or a girl! Eeeep- you gotta respect the incredible amount of patience when parents decide to keep their first baby’s gender a total SURPRISE. Kudos to these two!! (My husband forced me to keep the gender a surprise for our first too, and it was hands-down the best surprise ever.)

Alright, without further ado, go on and check out our incredible summer maternity session together at the beach! I love that they completely trusted me to run the show and let me capture this precious time in their lives PRE-baby. 


Isn’t Lynna incredibly GORGEOUS?! She’s going to be an incredible mother… to a child with impeccable dental care. (No pressure to mom and dad- they’re both dentists.)

Do you see the amount of adoration and love that these two have for each other???! I can’t wait for their future child to see just how much love he or she is surrounded with. What a lucky kid.

I mean- do you see this kind of love?! You really can’t fake this kind of stuff. It’s just beautiful.

I can’t wait to find out whether they had a BOY or a GIRL! 🙂