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Oh hiiiii story lovers!

I’m only a gazillion sessions behind on blogging, but I thought I’d catch you up on a location that I’m sort of obsessed with. Fulton Street Market! It has the old Chicago grit, urban feel, and pleeeeenty of color! Spot on for a little boy who just turned THREE and trucks and anything to do with engineering is his jam. 


We’ve known this family for YEARS. Our husbands practically grew up together AND went to college together at Miami University.



And now that it’s Facebook official, we’re SOOOO thrilled to hear that Jack will be a BIG BROTHER to a baby BOY!


Me: “Hey Jack, how old are you now?”

Jack: “DWEEEE!!!!!” 

Isn’t my friend Rachel fabulous?! #hotmamaalert

We were wrapping up our shoot and walking back to the car when I spotted this PERFECT RAY OF LIGHT peeking through the Chicago el tracks. Their three year old son was WELLLLL over it, but I told them to just trust me. The end result? I LOVE showing a glimpse of family intimacy in a busy town.  AHHHHH…. perfection.

No matter where you are in this city or world, you can create your own space.

At the end of the day, it’s just you and me.