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meet camden.

He’s pretty darn cute. And so is his family.



There are is nothing sweeter than to photograph a newborn baby in his new habitat, getting his parents acclimated to a new sleep-derived ‘routine’: EAT, SLEEP, POOP… repeat. (Thank GOD for coffee.) But you have to admit, when you stare into their innocent, love-hungry eyes, you can’t help but fall deeper in love. You worked so hard (helllloooo, 9 months!!) to create another human, and finally that little baby boy is here.

These lifestyle in-home sessions I do for families are so special because they focus so much on the delicate little moments and intimate connections between your family. It’s quite a privilege to a part of your early journey to help document all of the tiniest nuances. 



Absolutely nothing sexier than a proud new daddy wearing a simple tee. 



(Remember folks: stiff button up shirts = stiffer, more formal photos. T-shirts give our guys permission to be relaxed and casual, and it’s perfect for an intimate newborn lifestyle session vibe.)



Mamas, I can’t change your parenthood journey…

… just the way you REMEMBER it.  

(And you better believe I want you to remember it as a love-soaked new parent high! Your future grown-up child will appreciate you taking the time to collect these memories. You’re welcome.)