see you soon, little one | lincoln park maternity lifestyle photography

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I just love photographing maternity lifestyle sessions. The calm before their world just changes. It’s such an exciting yet anxious time for first time parents. I like to show a little hint of intimacy between the mom and dad because that’s just how this all got started, right? 😉 

These two lovebirds are expecting a little baby girl soon, and I cannot wait to meet her! She’s destined to be a pretty little girl- because check out her beautiful mommy:


She’s just GORGEOUS, isn’t she?!

P.S. I love how we had a little pop of those purple little blooms on that tree during our session together. A HINT of spring! 🙂

That way he just pulled her in for that last embrace… way to show off her mama’s beautiful curves! 🙂 

Maternity sessions are a beautiful way to remember your life before your family started. And more importantly, to ILLUSTRATE to your child(ren) just what life FELT like before they came around. Instead of telling them, let’s just show them. That’s just everything to me. Life is too short.