The SIX MONTH Milestone | chicago baby studio photographer

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It’s probably one of my all-time favorite stages of a newbie’s first year.

Laughing and smiling, curious and grabbing for objects, and best of all- sitting up on their own! (This fun stage lends to a heck of a lot more photographic opportunities! I usually also have mom/dad nearby, out of the camera frame, as my ‘behind-the-scenes stunt team’ support. Juuuust in case.)

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Sophie! 

Sophie just turned six months young, and her mama knew how important is to capture these important first milestones and memories of her gorgeous little girl. For her six month portraits, we decided to use my new studio space because… well, it’s really cold out in Chicago. {Side note: Actually, it was unseasonably warm the day of our session! But the unpredictability of good ‘ol Midwestern weather and the planner in me wanted to ensure and guarantee excellent light quality control. Hence the indoor studio option.} Plus, I’m able to calibrate and set up my lighting equipment to be juuuust right prior to their arrival to the studio. So we make the most efficient use of their time (believe me, I’m well aware of parents’ valuable time + a kiddo’s short attention span!).

Aaand, after coordinating with parents prior to our session, I help customize each session with little details. 

I try not to overdo it with too many props though- the key is to make your kiddo the star of the show! (And maybe their pooch can share some of the limelight, too.)

Sophie + her best fur friend, Gus.

The look on Sophie’s face says it all: “What?! Our photo session with Jenny is coming to an END?! Noooooo…..”

I can’t wait to plan Sophie’s 1 year session in another 6 months! 🙂