Taaa Daaaa… Brand Spankin’ New STUDIO sessions!

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I’m just so, so, soooo excited about this new location opportunity. I’ve been DYING to get this place finished up, so I can start creating some fun portraits already. First off, it’s conveniently located in our new home! (3rd floor. So NBD, it’s a nice complimentary butt workout too!)

And the options are seriously endless:

  • customized magnetic chalkboards
  • simple clean backdrops (helps keep from distracting away from your kiddos)
  • themed setting w/ props
  • movement with bubbles
  • fans to create a fun wind factor!! 

Really.. my wheels are turning in my head at a hundred miles an hour. I am SO. EXCITED. !!!! 

Stay tuned, Chicago parents. You’re in for some inspiring fun portraits headed your way! 🙂