Baby Sophie | chicago newborn girl lifestyle photographer

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I’m going to stop being selfish and stop holding these fun sessions I did last year hostage. So I’ll start sharing, in no particular order, some of my favorites…

Can you tell I loooove newborn babies + dogs? 

After all, a puppy is usually the first ‘kid’ we add to our brood! 

Can we talk about ADORABLE those chubby baby cheeks are?!!!  (And also how ridiculously in shape mommy + daddy are? I think I was 3 months postpartum doing this session, and Sophie’s mama was only like a week or two. And she looked waaaaaay better than me. NBD.)

I loved seeing this family dote over their newly expanded family. The love in that room was immense, and it’s always a privilege being a guest in people’s homes, witnessing such intimate moments. 

I CANNOT WAIT (!!!!!!!) to see baby Sophie this weekend for her 6 month (OMG.) milestone session in my new studio! You kids grow up way too fast.