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Home newborn life. 

When I really think about what I want my newborn imagery to look like, it’s MUCH more than just taking close up images of a baby. Nothing against photographs of babies in a basket and other props- but for ME, I tend to connect and gravitate towards imagery that give me more detail and a story. The story of parenthood- ESPECIALLY the early days.. is such a powerful one. I find it my personal duty as a lifestyle photographer to help my tired parent clients remember these details. To help them share these important memories with their future family generations. It’s really the best ‘job’, ever. 🙂

Let’s take this above image, for example. Back story: this little baby girl happened to make her debut just before Thanksgiving. And this couple enjoyed an intimate, low-key Thanksgiving as a new family of THREE before all of their family arrived. So this delicious pie was part of their Thanksgiving leftovers- (thank you Whole Foods and Grant Achatz pies)! What a sweet memory to look back on…

Major swoon. The last time I photographed this good looking couple, we were soaking up the sun’s rays on the warm Wilmette beaches in the backyard of their gorgeous castle- I mean, home. So no surprise here that this gorgeous mama rebounded so quickly!!

P.S. Fun fact: Her husband picked out this last outfit out of her closet for his beautiful wife to wear. It was just too perfect for her living room vibes, riiight?  AAAAAAND of course it fit (mind you, this is PRE-pregnancy wardrobe here)! Thanks for raising the bar for the rest of us, Taylor. #mommygoals 😉