fall season at chicago botanic garden | chicago family lifestyle photographer

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Meeting this family up at Chicago Botanic Garden couldn’t have been any more perfect for a fall family lifestyle session. I love exploring these grounds during each season because every day the light, foliage, blooms can differ day to day. And it just never disappoints! 

I must say, being parents is no easy task. ESPECIALLY parents of two little energetic boys close in age. (This probably also explains mom + dad’s impressive physical stamina. I was probably sweating like crazy, and these two just looked perfectly perfect the entire time! So next time you see me behind the lens wearing stretchy yoga pants, you know I’m there prepared to chase your kids.) Despite a parents’ chaotic perspective during our time together, I love showing them these small moments that I grabbed. These sweet little interactions between each family member are always so easy to forget, and often hard to document day to day. These brothers are going to be little heartbreakers. Parents, lock up your daughters! 😉

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites! XO

And we can’t forget where it all began…

(I loooove looove getting the opportunity to pull mom + dad away from the kids for a few portraits. Consider it a ‘miiiiini date’ DURING your photo session. NBD.)